9 responses to “Contact Me(联络)

  1. Sir my house face north sit south,next yrs is suitable for me going for renovation my house or not.born yrs pig month march 12,1959.we stay with four .wife.one girl and one boy.cos i hear that yrs of goat are better than yrs house.so can i get from yrs opinion thanks you

  2. I would like to seek your advise on this house facing west whether is suitable for me. Do I based it on my favouravle and favourable directions as shown below? if yes, is it meant the house is no suitable for me?

    Favorable & Unfavorable Directions 方向
    Sheng Qi (Life Generating) 生氣 E 東
    Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor) 天醫 SE 東南
    Yan Nian (Longevity) 延年 N 北
    Fu Wei (Stability) 伏位 S 南
    Huo Hai (Mishaps) 禍害 NE 東北
    Wu Gui (Five Ghosts) 五鬼 W 西
    Liu Sha (Six Killings) 六煞 SW 西南
    Jue Ming (Life Threatening) 絕命 NW 西北

    • 您好,这些了解都是错误的,真正的八宅星盘非如此。


  3. hi, may i know the price for my house which located at bukit minyak, bukit mertajam, pulau pinang,thanks


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